Author multiple article line bug?

When I go to ‘format citations’ in my google doc, using Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (author-date), Paperpile formats the citations at the bottom of my document. I’m getting a ----- for articles that have the exact same name previously in the citation. That is, every time there is a second article by the same author, I instead get a line where their name should be.


Baym, Nancy K. 2006. “Finding the Quality in Qualitative Research.” Critical Cyberculture Studies. New York University Press New York, 79–87.
———. 2015. Personal Connections in the Digital Age. John Wiley & Sons.

In doubt please always have a look at the rules of the citation style you are using. The placeholder looks correct to me.

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Hmm. That and multiple names in the text was deemed incorrect.
An example that Paperpile compiled:

‘Network publics’, as (Ito M, Antin J, Finn M, Law A, Manion A, Mitnick S, Schlossberg D, Yardi S, Horst HA 2009) use the term

Got dinged for that and Chicago Manual says it should be et al?

Also, could you call it incomplete when there isn’t a location ie: New York
Because some of my references which Paperpile considered ‘complete’ eg not in the incomplete filter, but did not have location, and was dinged for it.

The “—” is correct. Using a “3em dash for repeated authors” is a rule in Chicago. Please have a look at the manual. Unfortunately Google Docs does not support 3em dashes so we show three dashes.

Paperpile has many different variations of Chicago. If you use “Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (author-date)” you definitely get “et al.” for multiple authors.

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Interesting. Is there a reason why I would have gotten the long form for multiple authors in the quote from above?
Is there a setting I need to change?


What exact style are you using?

I went to check and it says my account is blocked…?

We never block accounts (unless you do something which harms our system and I don’t think you do…)

Can you send us an email and we’ll check.

Can you send a screenshot so we know what block you are talking about. I did not see anything unusual with your account.

Sorry, It was continuously trying to log me into my previous University account which had run out of free trial. Had to haggle with google logins to let me back into my paid account.

It looks like the setting is:

Default style - Used in new Google Documents and for copying citations to the clipboard
Chicago Manual of Style (author-date)

I also have installed the viewer with annotations (beta).

With this style you should get et al. for your example with 9 authors.

Right. But I didn’t. What I got it what is above in the quote box. What might have caused this error?

I just tried with your book:

Ah, I’m using the one that was published in 2010. Hmm. Yeah, bookflap says 2010.
I don’t know what those google URLs are…

Well, glad it works for you. Not sure why it wants to put the long one in for me…

Can you please compare that the authors are exactly formatted like in my example. Make sure there are no braces { } around the authors