Authorization failure

I am trying to format references in Paperpile but repeatedly encounter the error message saying “The Paperpile plug-in needs authorization to continue.” Then I click on “Authorize Paperpile” and “Authorizing Paperpile plug-in” just spins and does nothing. I’ve tried the solution suggested on April 9 but that didn’t solve the problem. I logged out of Chrome and that didn’t work, so then I rebooted my computer, with no results. I have a paper that is due and all I need to do is finish the references. It will be incredibly annoying to have paid for Paperpile and yet end up having to all my references by hand! Please help…

Sorry for the trouble. You can always use the sidebar addon to format your references:

This avoids any weird authorization issues. Typically the reason are multiple Google accounts in the same session which confuse our “AppScript” which we use to format the references.