Auto-populate google sheet with PP library metadata

My request: would it be possible to get Paperpile to work with Google Sheets - whenever a new paper is added to the library, its information (title, authors, etc.) is added as a new line in the Google Sheets. There could be un-editable columns containing the information of the papers, followed by editable columns where the user can create their own notes. Integration with different folders or labels/tags would also be super useful.

My motivation: In addition to my Paperpile library I manage a Google Sheet, where I take additional notes while reading papers. I put these notes under headings that I’ve created (e.g. “Main ideas”, “Methods”, “Results”, …). It’s a great way to be able to scan through a bunch of things that I’ve read and the notes that I’ve made.
The first few columns of the spreadsheet are “Title”, “Authors”, “Journal”, etc. Currently I have to type these in manually, which is a pain. I know that you can export your folders to csv files, and get the “Title” etc. info for each of the papers in that folder, but this doesn’t update when a new paper is added.

Alternatively, maybe my method is just bad. Do other people in the PP community have other ways that they manage additional notes that they take while reading?


I’d actually like this as well, as a workaround I export as CSV which I then convert to a google doc and delete a bunch of fields, but an autopopulated one would be nice as well.