Auto-tagging papers using article keywords

One of the nice features in Zotero is that it automatically pulls article keywords in as tags. Granted, this can be slightly annoying at times, when an article simply has too many, but it would be nice to have the option in Paperpile too.

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Agreed - and since my original library was imported from Zotero I already have a bunch of tags, but to continue to populate this list manually is a real pain. Of course if should be optional…

This is problematic for several reasons. Different databases use the keyword field differently so depending where your data comes from you get more or less meaningful results.

Even if you only use one database like PubMed the quality of “author” keywords is highly variable and depends on the journal. Sometimes you get extremely long lists with very generic terms like “DNA”.

This clashes with our concept of “labels” which are defined by the Paperpile user and not by the papers’ authors.

That’s the reasoning why we decided to keep author keywords and labels independent.

I definitely see the rationale here, as some keyword lists are pretty bad. As @msbentley suggested, this would only make sense as an optional thing.

(If we were able to view the keywords in the expanded info section of each paper and click a plus sign next to those we wanted to add as labels, even that would be helpful in itself, and would avoid polluting the labels list with irrelevant terms.)

Thanks for your responsiveness.

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