Auto-update button on the "Edit Details" page



When fixing incomplete references, if you don’t have enough info to get complete citation information from the auto-update feature, you have to click edit, then make a change, click save, then click auto-update again. If it wasn’t enough information, you then have to click edit again… etc. It would be awesome if there was an auto-update button on the “Edit Details” page that would let you do it from there. It would also enable us to immediately check that imported details are correct or not. Thanks!


This would be a super helpful. Perhaps a “save and auto update” button could be added to the edit details page. From a the point of view of UI, a button similar to gmail’s send and archive might be easy. Thanks a lot!


We are in the process of rewriting the edit dialog (our new word plugin will come with the new dialog). It will be much smarter and should streamline things like you describe.