Automatically change journal abbreviations

Hi all,

I switch between American and British journals with my submissions, and there are different rules for abbreviating journal names (e.g. “Weather” is Wea. or Weather, depending). Right now, I have to go through manually and edit the abbreviations for use with LaTeX (I presume the same when I use Google Docs). Would there be a way to create a set of rules, and when we export a .bib file, choose which set of abbreviations we’d like?

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Agreed… in some disciplines, it is considered just lazy to use abbreviations for journal titles

We are using standardized journal abbreviations and offer two fields for the full journal name and the abbreviated name. The scenario of multiple different abbreviations is currently not handled.

To be honest, I never heard that there are journal specific journal abbreviations. I don’t think there is any way to handle that without adding quite some complexity to our UI and data model. I’m afraid we won’t be able to do that.

Stefan - When I export a bibtex citation from Paperpile (using the “Cite” menu item) is there a wy to ensure that it uses the Full Journal Name rather than the (abbreviated) Journal Name field?