Awkward filenames

I created a file with a name like “paperpile_annotation_test.pdf” and uploaded it to paperpile with drag-and-drop.

On Gdrive, this file gets renamed to
which is awkward.

That’s strange; my files that have been uploaded to Gdrive have informative filenames, eg:

You can probably check your settings to see if you can change the default naming scheme. Perhaps when there’s no author/title information it defaults to whatever title the original file had? Maybe fill in the author/title fields or try uploading a file with that information available.

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Yes, this is for the case where paperpile cannot determine the author/title.
For most pdfs, this is not a problem, and the configurable naming scheme works well.

However sometimes there are isolated pdfs and paperpile cannot guess the author/title. In these cases I have a tool that I used to give it a name on disk,
however when I drag/drop the file paperpile does not preserve it but makes something bad.

I would propose: if paperpile cannot auto-discover the author+title, just keep the original filename.

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Thanks for the feedback, @paperbrain. Indeed, when a publication does not have an author, we default to title, resulting in this occasional awkwardness. That means:

is equal to
since author=title when there is no author.

The double .pdf.pdf suffix, however, is a new bug on our end which the team is now addressing thanks to your report. A fix will be released soon. I’ve also added your feedback to our internal tracker for the team to consider when the topic is next reviewed.

thank you!