Backwards Authors!

My authors are all confused! Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong??

For example, in the edit screen, two authors are written like this: Johnson, Kent; Street, Elizabeth M . (The first authors first name is Kent and last name is Johnson.)
Then on the main screen in Paperpile , it shows up as Johnson K, Street EM. So far, so good…
In my Google doc BEFORE formatting citation: **(Johnson and Street 2004)
**After formatting citation in APA 7th Ed: (Kent Johnson & Street, 2004)

I’m having the issue with MANY but not all authors that I’m using in this project (my first with Paperpile). Once formatted, the first name or initials will show up first in the citation… I did clean up some of the paperpile references after I had written the paper but before I hit “format citation”. Does the Google docs citation update when I change something in Paperpile?

Or what else could be happening here? Thanks in advance - my paper is due Wednesday!

@Chante, authors’ initials and/or first names being added is usually the result of disambiguation. APA and other major styles dictate that whenever two or more authors have the same last name they must be disambiguated by adding initials and/or first/middle names ( If these are in fact the same author, the solution is to edit the metadata so that their names match exactly.