Bad Quality of (Exported) PDFs

Hey there,

I really love Paperpile, but there is a bug/problem that when you write small handwritten notes on a paper, the notes are corrupted/simplified in other readers. This is really a no go for me and I would love to get some help from you guys. I attached two files to showcase the behavior.

View in the Paperpile reader in the webapp.

View in any other reader.

I think that the handwritten text gets compressed and looses resolution in the PDF export process and in the native Paperpile reader the “raw” annotations are saved and not compressed.

Thanks for the support guys.

Yours sincerely,

Welcome to our forum, Marcus, and thanks for the report. This is a known issue for which the team was considering solutions recently; I’ve brought your feedback to their attention so they may continue working on it when possible. Will share any updates I get on the matter here.

Thank you very much. The thing is that it is really game breaking. If I want to share my PDF, I just can’t do it. If your PDF reader is too slow, I can’t use another one :(.

Marcus, a workaround here would be to share the PDF directly from the mobile app (where the annotations were made), which is an extra step but displays handwritten annotations as expected. The issue here is the transition from mobile to web viewer, which were built years apart using different base technologies. As I mentioned, this matter is on the team’s radar.

Thanks Vincente, I tried it, that’s definitely a workaround for now. I hope this gets priority soon :slight_smile:

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