Bandwidth/usage caps Google Drive?

I’m working on a project that involves about 25k papers and their PDFs. Paperpile has been an amazingly useful tool in managing the metadata and retrieving the PDFs. Huge thanks to everyone who created and maintains it.

I noticed today that the PDFs I’ve downloaded have stopped sync’ing to Google Drive. When I click “start sync,” the job just sits in the queue and doesn’t progress (screenshot attached).

Is anyone aware of any caps on on the max data transmission rate for uploading files to Google Drive? I’m happy to slow down and stay within reasonable limits, I just need to know what they are.


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Welcome to our forum, @damadam – did this continue to be the case? There is no concrete limit set, but over the years there have been a couple reports like yours involving large amounts of papers. By now you’ve likely already tried restarting the browser, perhaps signing out/in of both Paperpile and Google? If you’re signed in to more than one account on Chrome, please try the same from a fresh Chrome Profile where you’re only signed in to the account you use for Paperpile.

Ultimately, uninstalling/reinstalling the browser extension could help, but this would also delete all the cached PDFs which were not uploaded – so those might need to be re-downloaded. Let me know.

Thanks for the tips, Vicente. I’ve still not been able to get all of the downloaded PDFs to sync to Google Drive and I was using multiple computers to download them which may have caused the problem.

Is there anyway I can view, access, or export the PDFs stored in the cache? I search my local drive but couldn’t find them. My math suggests there’s a few thousand of them in there. I’ll re-download them if I have to, but would rather avoid that.

I’m afraid I don’t have any further advice to share, Adam. The use of multiple devices is indeed a factor – if the sync process was incomplete in any/some of those, you would have to go back to the other computer(s) and re-trigger sync from there (assuming the files are still in that computer’s browser cache). The team confirms re-downloading and re-syncing is the only way to go here. This is definitely a topic we’re working to improve; the big rewrites we’ve been working are an important step in that direction.