Batch export (to print) with "notes" attached?

I may be missing something obvious . . . is there a way to batch export (for printing) paperpile “notes”? I’m using notes to store quotations from the papers, and I’d like to be able to print a set of citations with notes beneath them.

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That’s not possible at the moment. The note taking is quite rudimentary at the moment. We are aware of that and that’s a deliberate decision. The reason is we are working on a much more integrated note taking system. A main part of that is our new PDF annotator which would allow you to automatically add quotes from a PDF.

While I saw your post I actually finished the first design study of how this export could look like. So stay tuned…

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That annotation export looks amazing. Being able to batch export annotations (from eg all papers in a given folder) in that format would be perfect.

I still think this would be a very useful feature especially in creating an annotated bibliography with my notes on each paper.

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I would also appreciate this. My workflow involves annotating quotations on the ipad using PDFExpert and then exporting those to a text file. One major problem is that as far as I can tell third party readers cannot change PDF numbering on the ipad, so for example if I am annotating a journal article that starts on p.547 the exported annotations appear as page 1, 2 etc. and I have to manually adjust them.

Being able to work directly from annotations to text with page numbering responsive to paperpile’s reference pagination would be very helpful.

Any update on this? It would be really useful…

Yes, we are working on this right now. So it’s definitely coming.

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