Better Auto-Update after Manual Editing

Often auto-update of incomplete data doesn’t work because Paperpile can’t read the information from the PDF. That is fine, but after I’ve added the book title (for a book chapter) or the correct author and title (for an article) Paperpile should be able to re-fetch the correct data. For some reason this never seems to work?


Dealing with this problem again and would like to suggest a “guided update” option in addition to the “auto update” option. Should be able to navigate to the correct entry in Google Scholar or elsewhere and then have it update with that metadata. This option could appear when hitting “undo” after a failed auto-update.

Yes, this feature is still needed 457 days later. Surely a doi is enough information for PaperPile to find the other fields.

Paperpile automatically looks up partial data with DOIs since its initial release more than 2 years ago. If you encounter a DOI and it does not find the correct data please let us know.

Hi there,

Is there now an improvement in this functionality, as it still doesn’t seem to work for me. I think that I have yet to import a PDF file from my Google drive (book or article) which is then autoupdated by Paperpile. The only way to get full data is to do a full search for the title on WorldCatAmazon/Google Scholar first, import it using the chrome extension, then manually add the PDF. Although I prefer the web interface and Google connectivity of Paperpile, this is as time-consuming as it was using Endnote.

Am I missing something here? Even if I clear the title/author field and just put in raw DOI/ISBN, the autoupdate feature still never scores a hit.


Exactly the same problem here. I have a huge stack of pdfs in a variety of categories that I want to bring into my paperpile library — but I can’t do it efficiently, really, because with each case I have to add it FIRST through paperpile then add my pdf (which is duplicated by being copied to paperpile’s own folder structure…)