Better Conference Resolution via rebiber

As Bibtex libraries are becoming a thing with Paperpile now, since the automated bib-files are landing (yay! Thank you), I digged into my bibtex files:

For e.g. this file:

It looks like Paperpile treats arxiv links as preprint. This results in a bib file entry like this:

  title         = "How Powerful are Graph Neural Networks?",
  author        = "Xu, Keyulu and Hu, Weihua and Leskovec, Jure and Jegelka,
  month         =  oct,
  year          =  2018,
  url           = "",
  copyright     = "",
  archivePrefix = "arXiv",
  eprint        = "1810.00826",
  primaryClass  = "cs.LG",
  arxivid       = "1810.00826"

Zotero does it the same. However, I discovered an interesting tool lately, called rebiber, which is able to resolve conferences/references pretty well. This would be re result for the same paper:

 author = {Keyulu Xu and
Weihua Hu and
Jure Leskovec and
Stefanie Jegelka},
 bibsource = {dblp computer science bibliography,},
 biburl = {},
 booktitle = {7th International Conference on Learning Representations, {ICLR} 2019,
New Orleans, LA, USA, May 6-9, 2019},
 publisher = {},
 timestamp = {Thu, 25 Jul 2019 01:00:00 +0200},
 title = {How Powerful are Graph Neural Networks?},
 url = {},
 year = {2019}

This is a huge improvement in my opinion and I already told Vincente about it, just sharing it here for others.

As many conferences using Arxiv to share their papers (also some IC**'s), those papers are not preprints per se. Rebiber is published with MIT license, so it should be usable within Paperpile - either while the import or as manual step afterwards. What do you think?
Do we have a chance Paperpile is helping us here?