Better integration with Researcher app?

Helloo, so this is a just a little grievance I’m having that shouldn’t be too hard to fix (he says with no development experience).

I’ve recently been using the Researcher App as a way of sifting through journal entries. It has an integration with Mendeley and Zotero, which is not particularly useful as Paperpile is what I prefer using at the moment.

Despite this, it is rare to find the “Add to Paperpile” option in the share button from within the Researcher App. Specifically it happens when you are viewing the pdf from Arxiv say.

If you want some screenshots to demonstrate my issues, I’ll happily get some.

I just wanted to bring this up because the researcher app is very handy as it searches multiple journals and preprint servers and has keyword searches etc.

— Paul D

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Thanks for the query, @Paul_Druce. What is your current workflow to import articles you find on the Researcher app?

We understand the usefulness here and the fact that it is integrated with competitors; the request has come up a few times recently so it’s definitely on our radar. I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker to raise its priority for the team.

I second this. Integration with the Researcher app would be a huge improvement to my workflow.

So my workflow is the following.

  • I setup various “feeds” which search the journals the app can access for keywords.
  • I then skim through the feeds reading the title, author, abstract. If it sounds useful/interesting, I bookmark it within the app.
  • These bookmarks are sync’ed with my Zotero library, and show up in my Zotero library. The app says it can connect to Mendeley as well. But I don’t use that.

I basically use Researcher to try and sift through as many new papers as I can, and bookmark the ones that I think are interested to read later.

If there was a way to export the metadata/pdf to Paperpile, my life would become way easier.

– Paul D