Better pen editing toolbar (especially eraser access)

I have native eraser as part of my stylus, and it was not recognized by the app, something that all other editing apps seemed to recognize. Many people also have buttons they press to switch to eraser too.

I understand something like that might be a more tedious implementation due to all compatibility issues etc.

Meanwhile, can you please just separate eraser tool from the pen tool into two separate buttons so its easy to toggle between them as a simple click instead of tedious long press and switch every time a small edit needs to be made. Ideally this would hold for all tools under the pen. The is a ton of space available on the toolbar on the app, so it definitely should just be a matter of rearranging tools all next to each other as opposed to underneath each other.

I did not even know intuitively that eraser was even available before I searched it up online because it is very unintuitive to have it hidden under the pen tool. It was surprising to find other other tools hidden like that similarly.

I initially signed up for paperpile a year ago because it seemed like an only tool to switch easily between desktop and tablet for reading papers, but tablet support a year ago was pretty slow and inefficient, I was impressed how fast it was when I tested it again recently. Just please add erase tool and it honestly beats half of editing apps out there with a bloat of tools. I like the simplicity and minimalism this app offers and super happy to remain a paying customer especially if this feature is improved!

On a side note, I know highlighter function is built in to be able to be searchable with text and its great, but sometimes I like using highlighter as a semitransparent pen to draw shapes etc, I wonder if its possible to introduce transparency to the pen or a separate discrete transparent pen perhaps to be able to draw freely with a highlighter, and not be worried about it selecting words? Excellent progress meanwhile, super happy!

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Thanks for the feedback, @ekatant23. Work on an updated version of our mobile apps is already underway. I’ve added your feedback to the proper places on our tracker for the team to take into account — there will be improvements & new features for both the library and PDF reader UI. Following the public rollout of our new web-app this summer, we will be able to dedicate more resources to the mobile project and other areas.