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(not sure if this should be in support or feature requests)

When creating .bib entries from papers, if I have a Website article type, it is currently export as an @MISC type in the .bib - is it possible to use biblatex field types that are much more flexible (and not to mention, current)?

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Yes, this would be very nice! The @online entrytype with url and urldate makes way more sense than @misc with howpublished + note.

As a quick work around, exporting urldate for @misc as YYYY-MM-DD would already be quite useful, because currently I need the following sourcemap to clean up my bib file (in the note the dates are saved as YYYY-M-D, so you need to do some tinkering to get YYYY-MM-DD):

        % convert paperpile misc to online structure (url + urldate)
            % if url is present delete howpublished
            \step[fieldsource=url, final]
            \step[fieldset=howpublished, null]
            % if note is present, extract date from note, and construct urldate
            \step[fieldsource=note, match=\regexp{([0-9]{4})-([0-9]{1,2})-([0-9]{1,2})}, final]
            %% prepend zeros
            \step[fieldset=urldate, fieldvalue={$1-0$2-0$3}]
            %% remove if prepending resulted in too many zeros
            \step[fieldsource=urldate, match=\regexp{([0-9]{4})-0?([0-9]{2})-0?([0-9]{2})}, replace={$1-$2-$3}]
            %% delete note
            \step[fieldset=note, null]
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