BibTeX Key No Longer Searchable After Update

If a citation is made and saved in Paperpile, and the user later goes back and changes the BibTeX key, it does not show up when searching by that new key. If the user makes a copy of the citation, then the citation is searchable by the key. So I guess updates to the BibTeX key are not getting indexed properly for search purposes on an existing record.

I like to create manual citation keys, but once I do the record is no longer searchable by the key so I have to copy the record again. I presume this is a bug and the software’s intention is for updates to fields to maintain searchability.

Thanks for following up about this, @zackwhaley, and welcome to our forum! The team became aware of this bug with your first report from a couple months ago and confirm the matter is on our backlog. It might be a while before we’re able to address it, but we will thanks to your report.