BibTeX Month export broken


I have several issues with some journal entries that were imported previously:

blabla.bbl: Package biblatex Warning: Biber reported the following issues(biblatex) with 'Allentoft2012-yp':(biblatex) - Invalid format of field 'month'.

After checking, I took a glimpse at my Paperpile exported “BIB” file:

month = "21~" # nov, year = 2012, language = "en" }

Well, I guess the month is wrong, as the export tries to export the “November 21st, 2016” to something like this.
This breaks biblatex compatibility entirely unfortunately…

The month looks weird but to my knowledge that’s correct. BibTeX is weird… @andreas might be able to bring more light into that.

That’s a valid string concatenation using ‘#’ as concatenation operator, but it might be that not all programs interpret this equally well.

With the next release of Paperpile we will add an option to the BibTeX settings that allows you to define if the day should be exported or not.

Well I tried TexStudio, Sublime with LaTeXPlugin, Texmaker and Kile - all to no success. I guess the day is not crucial in most cases anyways, so when this can be dropped I suppose its fine.