Bibtex, overleaf


I’m new to paperpile. I like it a lot.
A key feature I’d need is integration with overleaf. I know there are some ways to export bibtex, but an easy way to add citations from my pile to my tex is crucial. I guess many academic folks using overleaf (which is becoming widely used after sharelatex merger) would feel the same. Hardly anyone uses word/docs to write research papers.

I looked at some earlier posts but could figure out. Are you planning to do it?

Thanks a lot!



We definitely have plans on making citing in bibtex and exporting of .bib files easier. At the moment, however, the easiest way is to find the reference in your library and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + K to copy the cite command, then paste that in your editor.


As Overleaf offers some way of integration (they have an integration with Mendeley), this should be possible.

So far the best workflow I found was exporting my whole bib library and using ctrl + shift + k.

Some kind of sync of the updated .bib file with GDrive, Dropbox, git etc. would already make it much nicer as I wouldn’t have to manually export and update the bibliography file with every new paper.


I just wanted to say that this is probably THE missing feature for me as well. And I also know that may academics would consider switching to Paperpile if this feature was implemented.


I would love this feature as well!

Hardly anyone uses word/docs to write research papers.

If you’re in mathematical or physical sciences, it’s very rare, but you’d be surprised how many ppl use Word to write research papers in other fields.

Overleaf is probably approaching the million users mark. It is the undisputed leader of collaborative LaTeX web app. While the fraction of regular users might be small, properly integrating with Overleaf would probably lure many users to Paperpile.