Block Shared folder link

I am worried about sending the link of a shared folder to a group of students, and they circulate it to unauthorised people. I would like to control the downloads or the time the link is functioning. Is there a way to do this?


If you are worried that the links to PDFs leak and get misused, those links expire after a certain amount of downloads. After that only members of the shared user who are explicitly added to the folder have access.

At the moment it’s not possible to turn off the public sharing feature. The only way would be to delete the shared folder. The papers in there will not be deleted as they basically just point to your or another user’s library.

Ok thank you Stephan. Just to clarify the question.

The shared folder has a URL, and each paper inside the folder has also a URL for downloading. My question is: is the paper URL always the same, regardless of the folder he is in, or it may change?

I have a group of 30 students and I can create a shared folder and after a week I can delete? But it worries me that the URLs of each individual paper are still operative and could be misused