Books in Paperpile

Hello everyone.
I’m new here, I’m probably asking a simple question.
What’s the best practice to “include/import” the actual book into Paperpile, do I actually upload the Pdf and have it “inside” paperpile, or do I just include the citation and add a link to where the book is?
or is there a completely different method that I’m not aware of?

thank you,

Hi Father, here’s what I do:

  1. Search google scholar for the title
  2. Click on the PP button to add
  3. Go to the PP entry and fix it (PP isn’t very good with books or book chapters)
  4. Click on the add-pdf link and add the pdf

I like to include both the pdf and the URL, because URLs change so often, and ppl often remove books from the net such that I can’t go back and read it.

Alternatively, you may wish to use online splitters the split the book into chapters and add PP entries for each chapter

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Thank you Bruce!
Much appreciated.
Never knew there is such a thing as a book splitter.