Bug in the Word Plugin

Hey, been running into this issue consistently so I thought I’d let you guys know about it.

I use the Paperpile Word plug in a lot, and I’ve been noticing that when I hit the keyboard shortcut I set to open the in-text citation insertion window, if I type something to search for a reference too quickly, the references that contain the search term will appear for approximately 3 seconds, like this:

and then disappear:

If I click on the reference I want to insert before they disappear, it appears as though I’ve successfully selected it for insertion, like this:

but then the blue bubble containing the reference disappears and I see this:

If I wait approximately 3 seconds after the window opens before typing the search term, everything works as normal.

Apple M2 Pro
macOS 14.5 (23F79)

Microsoft® Word for Mac
Version 16.86 (24060916)