[BUG] Please fix citation import for SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging


When I import articles from this journal https://www.spiedigitallibrary.org/journals/journal-of-medical-imaging/volume-5/issue-3 using the extension button, full journal name is imported into Paperpile as “The journal of medical investigation: JMI”. The correct name of the journal is "Journal of medical imaging.

I asked for help with this issue via the button below (don’t know what it is called)


in the Paperpile interface over a year ago, the response from @jason was the following:


Can this be fixed? SPIE is a major society, I am not sure why this takes so long to fix.

Google addon article search does not search all author names

We added support for SPIE in November of 2017, the same month you contacted us about it (see our changelog).

I am not quite sure why you are seeing a different journal as it appears correct when I import from the page above:

It is possible there is an error in our journals file which is linking an ISSN to the wrong journal. Does your import contain a different ISSN than 2329-4302?


I am not sure this is working. I imported a reference recently (definitely after Nov 2017), and it shows as I mentioned in the post above.

It is also strange that when I auto-update, it shows that it updated full journal name to “Journal of Medical Imaging”


But in the view of the article, and in the details, it is still showing as “The journal of medical investigation: JMI”

I have no idea what is going on here, but it is not working as expected for me.