Bug report -- top of page cut off when press down if the label select is open

Hi guys,

A little in the weeds here but wanted to report a bug I have come across several times.

When I open up the label select toggle box and press the down arrow (thinking I can choose between them) it moves the page down and locks it there so that the top section is cut off. I have to refresh to display the page again.

Sys info
Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)
OSX 10.11.6

When the top gets cut off it looks like this:

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Thanks so much. We were not aware of that and I can reproduce the issue. I wonder if it’s related to some new Chrome versions because we did not change anything and we would have seen this if it was there for the 3+ years that Paperpile exists.

No problem, it is a pretty specific bug.

Keep up the good work!