Bulk insert labeled citations

I would like labels and folders to show up in the “insert citation” search.

Currently, in the app, you can select a whole label, and can copy and paste the citations somewhere, but if you do that, you do not have an in-text citation matched to the list.

Right now I have 98 studies in Paperpile that are each labeled together as well as specific subgroups within these with their own labels. In order to reference them all at once, I am going to need to add 98 individual studies search for them one by one.

Then, if I want to refer to a group of them, I will have to do the search all over again.

Since I’ve labeled them in the app, I could cut this workload down by 99% if I could just search for the label in the “insert citation” search and select it, and have all studies bearing the label inserted simultaneously.


Thanks for the feedback, @Chris_Masterjohn, and welcome to our forum! This is a popular request which makes complete sense and is on our radar, now with your +1 as well. Our extension and web app UI are currently being rewritten and the citation feature in Docs will soon follow, along with our sharing structure.

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