Can Paperpile import bibtex on Web by setting URL?

Can Paperpile import bibtex on Web by setting URL?

Mendeley and Zotero have web importer by setting URL.
Mendeley can import by the following URL.
Zotero can import by the following URL.

Is there a similar web importer in Paperpile?

Thanks for the query, @Keiji. While we’re not able to import bibtex from that kind of URL / page, you can paste the bib code directly to your library via Add Papers > Add Manually:

Another alternative would be to download a .bib file to then upload to Paperpile. That being said, it would certainly make sense for our extension / web importer to be able to catch this sort of information, so I’m adding the feedback to our internal tracker for the team to consider. An updated version of the extension is currently being worked on.

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Thank you for your reply.
I get to know that Paperpile doesn’t have import function by setting URL at now.
I hope Paperpile will implement the import function in the future.

I run Lead2Amazon that can show bibliography information of books in bibtex and RIS format.
Current 2.0 beta06 version, Lead2Amazon is only for
In the near future, I will publish English version for and so on.

Next, I will implement a function to export bibliography information for Mendley and Zotero.
User can export bibtex information by clicking button through URL import function.
At that time, I hope to add export button to Paperpile.