Can we bring few functionalities of perrla software

Hey, recently I came across this reference application called Perrla ( that only caters to APA and MLA style. This application has been in the market for over 15 years now. While exploring this tool, I love a few of the functionalities of it that I would love to see in Paperpile.

  1. An editor to write the manuscript/essay. Like Paperpile integrates with Google Docs this software integrates with Word and also provides an online editor with WYSIWYG.
  2. While you take research notes, you can copy text from pdf and later on used the same text while citing (dam helpful). I absolutely love the pdf viewer of Paperpile to make highlights and annotation. But wouldn’t it be great, if we can use these highlights and annotations in Google doc while we are citing?

I would request the Paperpile team to check this tool and determine if these features can be part of it?

Thanks for the feedback, @mullatausif.

  1. Paperpile also integrates with Word (get our Word plugin here), but we only deal with citation formatting. To my knowledge, manuscript formatting/editing hasn’t really been an objective for us so far.
  2. Although not currently planned, the ability to cite particular highlights/annotations made on our viewer from GDocs has been requested a couple times before so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker for the team’s consideration.

Hope this makes sense. As usual please don’t hesitate to share any further observations or questions you might have.

That would be great. It will enhance paperpile’s functionality.

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