Cannot annotate PDFs using MetaPDF


First, I want to apologize in case this issue has already been dealt with somewhere on the forums - I searched and could not find any related topics.

I also would like to say that I’ve been using MetaPDF for a couple weeks now, and today I just signed up for the free trial of Paperpile. I must say that I am very impressed.

However, for some reason, MetaPDF has stopped working for me. I cannot open files on my Google Drive - clicking on the button does nothing. I can open local files (both in my Google Drive folder and elsewhere), but I cannot annotate them. When I attempt to click on the button enabling annotating, I get a message telling me that I do not have enough permissions to annotate the file.

Any ideas?


I figured out the issue. Apparently, content blockers interfere with the app. I honestly don’t know why I had no problems earlier but all of a sudden did today. Maybe a setting got changed somewhere and I didn’t realize it?

Anyway, if anyone has similar issues, whitelist the app and see if that corrects the issue.