Cannot highlight text that includes text search results

If a text area that needs to be highlighted includes a highlight for the searched items, it appears to be impossible to highlight it.

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Thanks for reporting. We tracked it down, and it will be fixed with the next release.

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Great, happy to hear the beast is squashed!

I noticed the same problem today. I guess the “next release” is not live yet, but informing just in case.

I am having this issue now (Sept. 2017), although it was supposed to be fixed two years ago. I can search, find the keyword was looking for, but I cannot highlight the sentence unless I first clear the search term. I have (hopefully) attached a screenshot, where you can see the highlight tool is selected, the text is cursor-selected, but it doesn’t highlight. I was able to reproduce the same error in a JSTOR and PLoS One paper, but not in a PeerJ paper. I am using Google Chrome.

It sounds like in this case it is specific to the PDF, so you might want to share the PDF to help reproduce the issue.

It’s certainly not unique to one PDF, as I have now found the error in 3/5 papers. I can’t upload the file here, so here’s a link to one of the articles that reproduced the error.

Yesterday’s update to the PDF Annotator included many fixes and improvements including a fix for this issue.



I noticed that in the older version, I was able to click “h” to highlight the selected text, but now this shortcut is not working. Is this intended, or it’s a new bug?

That is a bug. Until we get this fixed (hopefully soon), use the number keys 1-4 to highlight selected text. The numbers correspond to the different colors, so it is an easy way to highlight in different colors.

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Thank you @jason!

Another question: in the previous version, there was a status indicator showing if the changes are synced to Google Drive, but in the current version it is gone. Not that I need it, if the saving is reliable and instantaneous - that indicator is a nuisance, but just wanted to check this is also expected.

Thank you for this very nice update. I am particularly happy about the rectangle highlight issue, since it is often the case that text highlight does not work reliable (probably due to document formatting, since I see the same behavior for those documents in Mac Preview), and rectangle will be very handy in those cases.

The indicator is no longer needed; we register the changes to the annotations on our server and then write and sync the file shortly thereafter, but the viewer does not have to be open for that.

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