Cannot import from Mendeley

Hi there,

This is my first time using Paperpile, and I am trying to import my Mendeley online library into Paperpile. After clicking “Connect to Mendeley”, there was a pop-up for me to login to my Mendeley account. However, after login, there was nothing happening, and the interface stayed as in the screenshot. I have tried Chrome and Edge browser, and both of them showed the same behavior. Is there a fix? Thanks!

Welcome to our forum, @Sihan_Wu! Thanks for reaching out here as well as via chat. As you pointed out there, the alternative would be to import via RIS file as outlined in this guide.

For any other users experiencing this behavior, some troubleshooting suggestions are to restart the browser, sign out/in of both Paperpile and Mendeley and delete the browser cache before trying again. It is important to note this will only work if one’s Mendeley library is fully synced online.

Thank you, Vicente! Yes, I have imported my Mendeley library by RIS. It took a while though. I have been using Paperpile for a few days now, and I really like it.

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