Cannot open dowloaded PDF file on Paperpile Android App

App is successfully installed on my device, and also synchronized with my Paperpile account.
And when I push the download button, PDF file is also successfully downloaded on my device.
However, after I push the PDF file button on app, PDF file cannot be opened and big X-mark is shown on app screen.

I use the SD card in my device as external and default storage.
Therefore, PDF file is downloaded to the below folder.

SD card>paperpeile

Downloaded PDF file in this folder is successfully opened with the other app, for example Adobe reader and so on.

For the information, my device specification is as follows.

  • HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite
  • OS Android 7.0
  • SD card in use has 207GB free space.

Thanks for the details, @TakEnomoto, and welcome to our forum! I’m afraid the only solution for now would be switching from SD storage to the internal device storage, as it seems our app does not yet support pulling info from SD cards. I’ve reached out to the team to check whether we plan to support this and if there are any other suggestions - will let you know.

Thanks for your kind answer, Mr vicente.

As your suggestion, PDF file could be opened with switching default storage from SD card to internal.

Additionally, when mounting SD card not as the external but as the internal storage, PDF file was successfully opened.

However, since the internal storage of my device is only 32GB and SD card internal mounting is not authorized by manufacturer, I hope Paperpile app to support SD card external storage.

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Thanks for your reply, @TakEnomoto. The team confirms we have no current plans to support SD cards on mobile. Nevertheless, new Android policies will soon lead us to update our PDF storage processes, at which point we will revisit the possibility of adding support for SD storage. To this end, I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker for the team to consider.