Cannot open PDF with MetaPDF: "unable to authorize"

I am getting this message below, I am logged into my account, I can open Paperpile app fine. What’s going on?

Just tried this on another computer - same result.

This is critical - I am unable to use PDF annotator…

Where is this screenshot from?

The screenshot is from the browser - that is all I get in the web page when I attempt to open a PDF from Google Drive into MetaPDF

Interesting, when I go directly into MetaPDF app and try to open that same PDF, I get a different error:

Anticipating the next question - I cannot share that PDF.

After investigating a bit more - it appears that I am unable to open any PDF from Google Drive directly using “Open with > MetaPDF” popup menu. I get the “unable to authorize” message. Opening directly from MetaPDF app works (the issue with the screenshot above is another one, probably specific to the PDF type).

Can you try to revoke access for MetaPDF in your google dashboard:

Then sign out and sign in again.

I did all the steps you suggested Stefan, but there is no change. Also, the app does not prompt me for permissions when I do “Open with > MetaPDF”

The issue appears to have resolved itself - I don’t experience it anymore.