Cannot read property "getNumChildren" from null

Hi, we started to get this message error when we try to update references:

A Google Apps Script error occurred with message “Cannot read property “getNumChildren” from null.”. Contact Paperpile support to resolve this issue.

And now we cannot add any other cite.

Can you please help us?
thank you

Sorry for the trouble, we’ve not seen this error before. Can you contact with the gmail address you used the Google Docs add-on with? I can then have a closer look on what’s going wrong and should be able to fix it for you.

It turned out that a citation link was broken. Typically, Paperpile will insert a [Citation error] marker if a citation could not be found (that practically never happens unless you accidentally change the citation URL).

We have to look into why you got this error instead. Thanks for reporting, that was really helpful!

Hi all, I’m having this issue on a document I’m collaborating with (ie: I’m not the one that created it), but I didn’t encountered on the one I created… is this helping? was a patch aready released?

There is no fix yet. There must be some broken link in your document. If you still have problems contact us via the in app support channel, then we can have a look.