Cannot Save Label when Changing only the Color

I believe this is a bug but it may be related to the non-duplicate label feature added in a recent release.

Version: Paperpile for Android on a Tablet

Expected Behavior: I should be able to change the color of a label without renaming it in between

Actual Behavior: Will not let me change the label color without renaming it. I then rename it back to the original name which is an unnecessary hassle.


  1. Create a label by clicking “+ New Label” on collapsible side panel. Give the label a unique name like “Test123” name and color
  2. Click ellipsis “…” next to “Labels” then “Organize Labels”.
  3. Scroll to “Test123” and click the pencil icon next it to
  4. Select a new color for the label
  5. Click save then nothing happens

I believe the same issue occurs with changing capitalization of labels. I believe the issue also applies to recoloring folders as well.

Thanks for flagging this, @ZaydHammoudeh - I was able to reproduce this on my iPhone as well, so it seems this is general for mobile. I’ve informed the team so a fix can be considered on a next update.