Cannot sign in to paperpile? But I'm here

I can’t sign into paperpile – the browser button won’t work (says “Sign in to Paperpile”, but I click and either nothing happens or a popup windows shows up, but then it says it can’t load).

Apparently I’m able to log in here, and I can load other pages fine.

Any ideas what is going on?

Please go to If you see your library you should be signed in.

The following might help:

  1. Reauthorize at
  2. Restart the extension

@stefan Neither of those web pages will reload.

By “restart the extension”, do you mean disable/enable it? I did that, and still have the same problem. I also restarted my computer.

What do you see when you go to

You should either see your library or being forwarded to Google to log in.

What if you go to

If not then there is some severe network problem. We had that once almost 2 years ago with some strange cable provider in the US. But other than that I can’t remember a case where the website did not load.

Have you any new extension installed that mess with the network? Do other websites load normally?

Neither of those pages will load for me (not even just

Nothing shows up on the pages, except eventually a generic “page can’t be loaded” type of message.

I’m on a university network, and it’s move-in day (week) … but other sites load fine, and I use Paperpile at work all the time (work = campus).

I can’t think of anything I’ve done that is weird. No new extensions.

Our servers are clearly up and running. We also don’t see any problems with other users and also new sign ups are as usual, indicating that everyone seems to get the landing page.

Very strange. Can I ask which University you are at so that I can check if we have other users there?

At Rutgers, New Brunswick (Cook Campus)

Thanks. I don’t see any active connection from there at the moment.

Can you try to clear all cookies for all domains related to paperpile:

Then try to go to again.

I deleted all of my browser history (except password) right before I did the computer restart earlier. It didn’t help then.

I’m guessing nuking everything accomplishes anything you’d want to test with your more surgical suggestion?

Also, going into Icognito Mode doesn’t help me load the site. I’ll try loading it on someone else’s computer.

I went down the hall and logged in on someone else’s computer just fine. I didn’t bother installing the extension on her browser (but of course told her to get with Paperpile, b/c it’s awesome!), though. (But I did log into my gmail, and then to and it worked fine)

Which platform are you on? Could it be that you have some Virus/Malware?

We had a few cases where a virus caused some problems that indirectly affected Paperpile.

Yeah, this might not be a paperpile problem.

I just had trouble signing into Skype.

OSX – suggestions?

Actually, yes. Just last week we had a customer with strange issues and he could fix it with this:

Like I said, I’m on OSX (that’s for Windows machines, I believe)

No, that’s available for OSX. At at least the customer I mentioned was on OSX and their website says so as well.

Just got home – I can sign into paperpile just fine.

So it’s not something unique to the work network, nor to my computer. So weird.

But it’s not really a paperpile problem – I had trouble with skype and some random other web pages.