Cannot use web version on iPad Pro

Cannot use the web version of Paperpile on iPad Pro (which is otherwise my desktop replacement), tells me to download the iOS App. iOS App however does not allow me to change metadata, tells me to use the web version.

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I second this. Why block mobile devices form using it on browser?

Thank you for your feedback, @helmuthva and @murat_dogusan. I understand this is inconvenient but improvements to the mobile app are in development. The plan is to eventually bring the full functionalities of the web app to mobile. The only workaround for now for editing metadata is to use the web app on a desktop computer.

@szuzanne: Thank you for your reply. Could you please answer the following:
a) What is your proposed workaround for those users that don’t have a desktop computer?
b) What blocks you from enabling the web version for iPads? That’s a trivial change, or not?

Hint: I am not talking about any change to the mobile app, see the title of this forum thread.

@helmuthva I’ve passed on your feedback to the team. Here are the answers to your questions.

a) Unfortunately there isn’t any. I’m sorry but the full functionalities of Paperpile require a computer. As I said, we do plan to make all features available on the web app also on mobile, but I don’t have a timeline for that yet.
b) It is a nontrivial change. But the team may consider enabling the web version for iPad in the future.


Are there any updates on this by any chance?

Thank you!

+1 I’d love to be able to use the chrome extension on ipad