Can't load the paperpile sidebar in google docs

For the past few days I am getting these error messages from the paperpile sidebar (attached images).


Also, the quick start guide won’t load properly. I checked with other accounts on different computers and re-installed the add-on, but that didn’t help.

Is anyone else experiencing this or anything similar?

Thanks for the help!

I am experiencing a similar issue in the last few days.

In Chrome, each time I click on Add-ons>Paperpile>Manage Citations I obtain the error message: ‘We’re sorry, a server error occurred. Please wait a bit and try again.’

The problem is still persistent as of today.


Thank you for pointing this out. It appears that Google Docs has changed something about suggested edits/comments which is interfering with our reading of the document, resulting in the sidebar and the extension dialog not working. The best approach is to accept/reject the suggestions until we can investigate more and get this fixed.

Is this the problem in this case?

Edit: it appears to be affecting some suggested edits only.

Thanks for the quick reply, Jason.
Sadly, getting rid of comments and edits did not solve the problem.
I also just tried to load the sidebar in an entirely new and empty document, which did not work.

Glad you guys are on the case, though! I really appreciate it.

Any updates on this? I just tested the sidebar again and it did not load.