Can't search for Arxiv papers

I’ve signed up to the 30 day free trial and I’m using Paperpile with Google docs. When I search for an Arxiv paper, e.g. Siamese Networks for One-Shot Image Recognition (Koch et al. 2015), the add-on can’t find it. The only way I can get the citation into my document is to add it to my papers in the Paperpile web app, and then search for it again via the Paperpile Google add-on, where the result will now come up because it’s now part of my library. This workflow isn’t ideal; is there a way to search for it via the Google add-on without using the web app?

Thanks for the report, @Joseph_Liu. I see what you mean about the add-on, not sure why the proper result won’t turn up there so I’ve asked the dev team to take a look.

In the meantime, you can also add / look up citations from your document via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P, which did return the correct result with the example you shared:


This can work in combination with the add-on in case you keep running into the same issue. I’ll reach out with an update when I hear back from the team.