Capital first letter of subsequent citations

I’m faced with authors who have abbreviations in their middle names, for example: Teun A. van Dijk, and Chris L de Wet.

In Paperpile, I assign the author as: van Dijk, Teun A

With the first full citation, I’m using CMS (custom), the author is footnoted correct as: Tuen A. van Dijk, “paper title,” journal title etc…

The problem is in the subsequent citations, it gets footnoted as: van Dijk, “paper title,” page …the problem is that first letter should be Capital, currently it is left small letter. It should cited as: Van Dijk, “paper title,” page number.

Is this a bug? Do you have suggestion to fix it, other than manually?

thank you.

Hi, Father David, for any exceptions to general rules, you can force PP to accept literal text by enclosing the text in squiggly brackets {}

Thank you Bruce.
If I do this then, in the above example, Van will always be capital even in the first citation, while it should not.

It only needs to be capital because it is the first letter in the line.
It at least if I understood the function of those brackets correctly.