Case transformation in data entry editor

This issue was briefly discussed in another thread (, but that turned into a discussion of the case in bibliographies so I want to re-boot the issue here as a feature request.

In essence, the issue is that data important from Google Scholar and databases or extracted from PDFs is inconsistent in terms of case. In the main library view, some entries will have titles in ALL CAPS, others in Title Case, others in Sentence case, and so on. While functionally this does not really matter, it looks a bit sloppy and I would love for a way to quickly transform the case in the data entry UI. Other programs (e.g. EndNote on Mac, Sente) do it with a standard right click -> Transform menu, but that menu is not available in Chrome). Yet other programs (Papers, EndNote on PC) have a button in the UI that does the transformation. Whatever the solution, it would be nice to be able to do something like this transformation in Paperpile.