Change Google Drive location

Is it possible to change the location of the Paperfile folder in Google Drive?

This is unfortunately not possible. We keep the Google Drive folder location and structure fixed to avoid syncing complications. You can organize the papers in your library in many different ways using folders and labels, but the location of PDFs cannot currently be changed by the user.

The one exception to this is that if you star a file, it’s PDF will be added to the Paperpile/Starred Papers folder on Google Drive.

However (but @jason correct me if I’m wrong) you can nest the Paperpile directory itself wherever you want.
I have it under an App folder, but it can easily go under your “Documents” or any other folder if you prefer.

Yes, I tried that, but the Paperpile folder then was re-created in the root folder. But if someone has been successful, it might be worth trying again.

My bad, I thought it worked but you’re actually right, it recreates it in the root folder…