Change multiple fields bug

I wanted to flag that the new option allowing editing the same field across multiple documents at the same time does not seem to be working. I tried changing the Journal (full title) field from several articles, and the interface does not show them changed once I save.
Once I refreshed, I could see it with the new name, but the date of publication was now empty (and was indicating an incomplete citation), and once I did it a third time, it had reverted back to the original name (and fixed back the date of publication).

Same thing with the (abbreviated) Journal field.

Edit: Actually, the editing of journals on the Beta seems broken in general. Even if done one at a time.

Edit 2: Actually, actually, if I turn off the beta version, I can see the changes. Thus, the bug does not seem to be in the action changing the field Journal, but on how the beta updates the information on the interface based on the backend.

@Jonathan_Moreno Thank you for your report. The team could not reproduce the issue with the steps that you mentioned. If it is not too much trouble, could you share a video with us, and/or the publications you tried to edit? You can share them here, contact us via chat, or email