Change to title case / all cap at bib export

I have been a huge fan / user of paperpile for a long time. Thanks folks for this amazing app!

Just one suggestion – when exporting BibTeX item for latex, the BibTeX preserve the case format for the original paper. However, different journals need different formatting. Right now the user had to go through all bibtex to change the required case format. For example, here’s what I got from paperpile by default:

title = “The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Finding Sparse, Trainable
Neural Networks”,
author = “Frankle, Jonathan and Carbin, Michael”,
month = mar,
year = 2018,
archivePrefix = “arXiv”,
primaryClass = “cs.LG”,
eprint = “1803.03635”

as you can see the title is all cap-ed, so I need to convert it to title case by hand:
“The lottery ticket hypothesis: Finding sparse, trainable neural networks”

The same thing happens for journal names. Sometime the default case format is the title case but I need it to be all capitalized…

If this feature can be added it (as an option to where we change citation style at export) would be awesome!

Thanks ahead!!