Changing citation key

I am wondering if I can use PMID as my citation key. It seems other people have had similar requests and I’d like to add my voice to that request. The reason being it is easier to collaborate and I can write anywhere, with or without paperpile, and in any editor (google doc, Word, vim, etc). I have to click three and many times four clicks to find the PMID in paperpile after I find the article. I say four because the PubMed ID field often jumps towards the top of the screen when I am ready to select it for copying. So I click on the PubMed link and copy the ID from there, which is way to cumbersome. Thanks!

Yes, we’ve heard this before and we think about a solution. I’ve put it in our bug tracker so it’s officially on the roadmap.

Thanks for your response!

Hi, I was wondering if this is still planned? As the OP mentioned, being able to copy PMID only would help a lot with collaborative writing. The only other option I could think of is to create a custom citation style with the PMID only (and then use Cmd-C), but then I would need to switch citation styles back and forth all the time…
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I was wondering if it’s possible to create a custom citation key. This would be really handy because I use Overleaf and LaTeX to type all my papers. Having control over the citation key is almost a necessity for me to work fast an efficiently.


We have started implementing custom citation keys. I hope we have something to beta test relatively soon.

In the meantime, we have put together a small survey to better understand the LaTeX/BibTeX use cases or our users: