Chicago (full note, no ibid) without links?

I’m submitting to a journal (Boundary 2) which requires Chicago full notes: citation in notes, not in a separate bibliography, without ibid. To achieve this I have selected Chicago (full note, no ibid) from the citation styles. However, when I select that, even though I have not checked “Always include DOIs and URLs” they are still getting included. Is there something I don’t understand about how URLs get included in this citation style that is leading them to still be included even though that box is not checked? Or is it a bug?

It’s complex, this is from our help text:

For most reference types Paperpile lets the citation style control how to display DOIs and URLs. However, for print articles Paperpile does not show DOIs or URLs by default. More precisely, citations of types “Journal article” and “News article” with the field “pages” set will not include DOIs or URLs. To override this behavior activate the option “Always include DOI and URLs”.

So basically the “Always include DOIs and URLs” option is basically just meant to everride the CSL styling rules in case the user don’t want DOIs/URLs for non-electronic sources like journal articles. Everything else is handled by the CSL style.

So you should not see DOIs/URLs for journals or news articles but for everything else if (i) your meta-data includes it and (ii) the CSL style thinks it’s the right thing to show.

That said, it’s not unheard of that CSL styles have issues, although it seems unlikely for a Chicago style.

Thanks. It seems to have been problems in how the metadata was pulled from Google which is causing the errors. I was able to fix it by cleaning up the items manually.

Hmmm. I think there might be a problem. It seems to show the URL in the journal entries if there is one. The errors I was correcting mostly relate to books that were improperly listed as journals (and it was including the Google Books URL). But it seems to me that it shouldn’t show the URL on journal entries unless the option to always do so is checked?

I would be surprised if there is a problem but who knows. If you really have an example that does not behave as detailed in our help text please send us the debug output you get when you hit ⌘-J.

Again, it’s about the type and the pages field.

I guess I don’t think it is a bug so much as an error in the CSL. Information is pulled from the web by Paperpile, but no journal I have seen publishes the URLs of the journals. I could just delete the URLs, but it is useful to have. I would have thought that the check mark would overrule this, but I guess if it is in the CSL it won’t?

No, this checkmark has been added exactly for this purpose to overrule CSL because CSL does not handle this case well.

If you have un-checked “Always show DOIs and URLs” and have a journal that has “page” set you should not see a doi or URL in your citations. In that case we don’t give CSL the URL or DOI so it can’t display it.

If it is not what you see it might be something else or indeed a bug.

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If you can send us an example I can more deeply investigate what is going wrong in this case.

How do you want me to send you an example? At what point in the process? Do you want the citation itself, a screenshot, you said something about hitting command-J, but when do you want me to hit that? I’d love to help debug this, but I’m not clear on what info you need?

Please note: I’m on deadline for this paper so it might take me some time to do this after I hear back from you.

There is no rush.

If you can find an example which is of type journal, has pages set and if you click Ctrl-c in Paperpile gives you a citation with a DOI even if the “Always include DOI” checkmark is not set, that would be a bug. In that case it would be helful if you could just click Ctrl-J and send us the content of the Clipboard.

It may be that the cases I was seeing were items that did not have a page set. So far I am unable to replicate the problem except for items which do not have pages set. I will assume that it was this that was causing my problems unless I come across the issue again. Thanks for your help.

That was my first guess that it is related to the pages field. The whole algorithm when to show/hide the doi is a bit more complicated and ad-hoc than we would wish it to be. But CSL does not really take care of it and our appraoch seems to work in practice.

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