Chrome extension getting very slow and unresponsive

In the last couple of days/weeks I notice the Chrome extension getting unbearably slow when viewing a PDF. My laptop is of high quality and very fast with other tasks. For example a PDF of only 8 pages with around 10 notes is really slow and unresponsive, especially compared to the default Chrome PDF viewer.
I have a video showing how slow the PDF viewer and eventually even crashes

Thanks for the report. Have you tried restarting Chrome, signing out of and back in to your Google account, perhaps completely uninstalling and reinstalling the extension? Trying the same from another browser would also be worth a shot – Paperpile runs on any Chromium-based one like Brave, Vivaldi, MS Edge in case you’re able to use any of them for troubleshooting. Let us know and please do share the video if the issue persists, here or via chat/email (