Chrome Extension

Hi this is Palak Sharma
I use Google Chrome, I have a little bit confusion that what is Chrome Extension and how to make Chrome Extension.
Waiting for some positive response.

Welcome to our forum, @palak231! At the moment, the Chrome extension is the base which powers all our features on web, so it must be installed in order to use Paperpile (on Chrome or Chromium-based browsers like MS Edge, Brave, Vivaldiā€¦). Please have a look at our Getting Started guides and FAQ for more information, and feel free to reach out again here or via chat/email ( any time.

Hi Palak
You can understand this by below definition.
Extension or chrome extension is a small software use to customize browsing experience. These extension are used to extend functions of any web browser.
Secondly if you are looking for how to make chrome extension then you can follow this link where detailed information is available.
Hope this answer will help you.