Chronological inline citations

I’m aware that the ordering of citations within an inline citation group is determined by the .csl citation style. I’m wondering if anyone is able to provide guidance on how to edit an existing style which does not order inline citations chronologically so that it does.

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Find your style here then click the install button to save the style (do not edit the style in their site as we are experiencing problems with some styles). Then open the style in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. You need to add or edit the <sort> tag in the <citation> tag.

Here is how it looks in the APA style:
<citation [...]> <sort> <key macro="author"/> <key macro="issued-sort"/> </sort> [...] </citation>

They sort by author and then date. If you just want a chronological sort, you would only need to copy their issued-sort macro:
<macro name="issued-sort"> <choose> <if type="article-journal bill book chapter graphic legal_case legislation motion_picture paper-conference report song dataset" match="none"> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="year"/> <date-part name="month"/> <date-part name="day"/> </date> </if> <else> <date variable="issued"> <date-part name="year"/> </date> </else> </choose> </macro>

Once done upload the style to Paperpile by going to the gear in the upper right --> Settings --> Citation Styles --> Upload CSL file.