Citation at the begining of the sentence

I need to cite the authors name at the beginning of the sentence.
For example, I need to mention (1) Archie (1942) said… rather than (Archie 1942)
or at the beginning of the sentence as
(2) According to Archie (1942) …
Any Suggestions???

Archie, G.E., 1942. The Electrical Resistivity Log as an Aid in Determining Some Reservoir Characteristics. Transactions of the AIME, 146(01), pp.54–62.

Hi Michael,

I think you want the “suppress author” option. In the Paperpile window, you can access this by clicking the small arrow near where your citation is listed to open a sub-menu and then check the box “Suppress Author”. This will insert a citation with the year and you can add your text around that information.

In the example below, if I leave the box unchecked, the in-text citation is “(MacArthur, 1958)”. When I check the box, it becomes “(1958)” and I can add my text around that (ex: “MacArthur (1958) found x.”

I hope that helps!

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