Citation bug found for two references with same title and author (but different year)

Hi guys. I found something curious. I have two distinct references, one is a 2015 paper by a lone author, the other is a 2019 book with the identical title by the same lone author. When I try to cite the 2015 paper, instead Paperpile adds the 2019 book, even if I insert the 2015 paper’s citation key. I doubt this situation comes up much, which would explain why it hasn’t been caught before, but I wonder if you can look into it.


It may be that the two papers are flagged as a duplicate in your library. You can check this by going to the duplicates filter in your library. There you can also manually mark them as not duplicates.

If this is the case you will have to completely remove the references from the document and reinsert them. To do this:

  1. Remove the in-text citations in the paper.
  2. Go to Paperpile --> View all references, in the Google Docs menu. Remove the papers from the resulting page.
  3. Re-insert the citations as normal.